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The time for action is now…

I’ve been racking my brain on what to write about… I have so many ideas in this head of mine, but I’ve been trying to figure out where to start… a little about me, my fitness journey, my personal life, fitness and nutrition tips… My short attention span makes it hard for me to focus on just one subject at a time…. Oh look, a squirrel! lol kidding 😉 So, I’ll start with the topic of taking action… because that’s exactly what I needed to do. This subject was actually inspired by an argument I just had with a friend. This specific argument had nothing to do with fitness, but the points argued apply just the same. Without going into great detail of my friend’s situation… it basically involves my friend, who has been in a particular situation for a long time. There are certain aspects of this situation that make my friend happy, but it is also lacking some very important things to make them completely fulfilled in this particular situation and in life in general. I told my friend they have 2 choices – 1) accept the situation completely, and quit complaining about it – or 2) change the situation. They argued that it is perfectly fine to stay in the situation, as is, because there are some aspects that make them happy, and they should still be able to continue to complain about it, in hopes that someday all the things they don’t like will change on its own. So, I had to give some tough love and say “No, you are not allowed to complain to me about it anymore.” because if I continue to let them use me as an outlet for their frustrations, the less likely they are to do something to make the situation better… because they are not forced to deal with the things that are bothering them with the appropriate people that are causing the frustrations. I did this, not because I want to be some hard-ass, argumentative bitch, but because I truly care for my friend and it hurts me to see them so frustrated and unfulfilled with this major part of their life.  Now, I did not tell my friend they should just give up and walk away from this situation completely, but I did tell them they needed to take actions to change the parts that are leaving them unfulfilled.

This concept applies to fitness in so many ways… I know so many people (myself included) that say for years “someday I’ll get into shape” or “my diet starts Monday”… or they just complain in general about their appearance, or how they feel like crap, or whatever… but they never take action to change the things they don’t like about themselves or their situation. NO ONE CAN MAKE YOUR LIFE/WEIGHT/APPEARANCE/HEALTH BETTER! Only you can make the choice to take action NOW to change the situation! It is an internal decision to change your mind from hopeful wishing, to deciding this is how your life is going to be… Start the actions NOW to change your health. You cannot continue to eat crap and skip the gym and complain about your weight or poor health. The internal dialogue must change from “I’ll try… I wish… I want” to “I will… I am… I did”. Make one change right now to reach your goal… whatever it is… Just do it! And if for some reason you don’t… THEN STOP FUCKING COMPLAINING AND ACCEPT IT! You are in charge or your destiny, body, life…. No one can make it better for you. Others can help guide you and give you resources to make the change, but you are the one that must take the actions to change. You body/health/life can be anything you want it to be… make it as fabulous as you envision it! You can do it! 🙂

So, that’s my thought for the day… now I’m off to take action to go to sleep… to improve my health… and my mood. 😉

Eat clean… Train dirty!

– Fit911Chick aka Stacie 🙂


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